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Name Level RP Only
The Angry Stick! 500-3550
A Patient Catch! 500-3550
The Hunter 1200-3550 Yes
The Meretorious 1200-3550 Yes

Name Type Price
Bait Other 200,000Icon - Gold
Feather Other 400,000Icon - Gold
Skinning Knife Other 1,000,000Icon - Gold
Stinky Bait Other 1,200,000Icon - Gold
Loosely Threaded Net Other 1,540,000Icon - Gold
Rusty Fishing Pole Other 5,000,000Icon - Gold
Silver Plated Hook Other 12,000,000Icon - Gold
Fly-Fishing Rod Other 13,445,000Icon - Gold
Sharp Skinning Knife Other 25,000,000Icon - Gold
Warped Fishing Rod Other 35,000,000Icon - Gold
Sturdy Fishing Cage Other 82,500,000Icon - Gold
Harpoon Other 157,750,000Icon - Gold
Shiny Lure Other 250,000,000Icon - Gold
Pattern: Ornate Skinning Lancet Other 1,000,000,000Icon - Gold
Silver Plated Harpoon Other 1,250,000,000Icon - Gold
Gold Plated Hook Other 4,500,000,000Icon - Gold

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