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Nerve: Exp Gain: Money Gain: Exp/Nerve: Money/Nerve:
20 800 5,500Icon - Gold 40 275Icon - Gold
Success Text:
You lay out a plan before some street urchins that you rounded up. They are to be your diversion. The kids, following the plan, run into the vault anteroom and attempt to make a hold up. A few seconds later, you rush in with a stolen navy suit from Admiral Henry Thierry. The kids try to fire at you with the guns you gave them, but they are all fakes! Ha! What a genius. You proclaim that some of the money needs to be moved to a safer location and the guards let you in. You grin evilly as you walk out with 4 bags packed with cash.
Fail Text:
Your sneaky pirate skills are amazing. *cough followed by awkward silence* You walk straight into the vault and attempt to just walk straight out with a bunch of money bags. Who do you think you are?! The guards grab you and club you on the head. One urinates on you. Yuck. You awaken hours later with a mangy mutt humping your leg and not one bit richer. Damn.