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Nerve: Exp Gain: Money Gain: Exp/Nerve: Money/Nerve:
5 200 360Icon - Gold 40 72Icon - Gold
Success Text:
The hold guards are drinking on duty again. You grab your pistols, a large sack, an axe, a large club and some rope. You pay a wench to strip down to her skivvies and call the guards behind the hold. They stumble back to her and you club them both on the head. The wench is about to scream so you club her in the face, tie all of them up and gag them with strips of your shirt. You quickly dart into the hold and pull out your pistols. You jump on a desk and kick another guard in the face knocking him unconscious. He quickly wakes and reaches for his musket so you put one right between the scurvvys eyes. Let Davvy Jones deal with the poor wretch you proclaim! You throw your bag to a banker and demand they fill it with coin. Shaking in terror the banker fills up the bag. You take a swig of rum, steal the dead guards coin purse and run out of the hold faster then youve ever run before.
Fail Text:
You see the hold guards drinking on duty again. You rush to grab your pistols, a club and some rope but you cant seem to find your rope anywhere. You sneak behind the guards and club them both over the head and drag them behind the hold. You rush inside forgetting to secure the door and start shooting into the air. You throw your sack to a banker and before you can tell him to fill it you get punched in the face by a pirate who found the guards behind the hold. He steals your coin purse, ties you up and robs the hold. Youre stuck there bound and gagged but manage to cut loose your bound hands with the edge of a table. You quickly dart out of the hold to the tavern to beg for rum and a place to sleep.