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Nerve: Exp Gain: Money Gain: Exp/Nerve: Money/Nerve:
45 1,800 10,000Icon - Gold 40 222Icon - Gold
Success Text:
You hit 'em where it hurts. After being mugged countless times by scurvey scallawags you've been elevated to the very limits of your tolerance. Enough is enough! You infiltrate the local brewery and contaminate the booze with rat feces. To confirm that your plot was successful you drop by the local tavern incognito. You can barely contain your laughter as you observe droves of tortured pirates run off to relieve themselves. Victory is yours!!!
Fail Text:
In an attempt to get even at the hooligans who have been harassing you earlier, you devise an ingenious plan to poison the booze supply. Overly excited by your scheme you accidently grab a jar of steroids instead of the rat feces which you planned to contaminate the hootch with. Oblivious of your fatal error you hang about the local tavern to watch the beauty of your masterplan unfold. Unfortunatly for you the steroids cause the swashbucklers to enter a fit of RAGE! Being the only one not on a rampage, they single you out and pulverise you and naturally steal your money.