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Name Level RP Only
Critter Supplies! 1-3550 Yes
Vicious Shredders! 25-3550 Yes
Squid! 45-3550 Yes
The Tailor's Apprentice 40-3550
The Tailor's Apprentice Returns 80-3550
The Tailor's Apprentice is Back 120-3550
The Tailor's Apprentice is Fired 160-3550
The Tailor 200-3550
The Run Around 1-3550 Yes

Name Type Price
Double Shot Rifle Weapon 1,800,000Icon - Gold
Arm Cannon Weapon 3,600,000Icon - Gold
Leather Belted Shirt Armour 100,000Icon - Gold
Plate Armour Armour 240,000Icon - Gold
The Scurvy Hat Hat 280,000Icon - Gold
Captain's Hat Hat 300,000Icon - Gold
Sexy Skirt of the Seas Pants 320,000Icon - Gold
Well Stiched Pants Pants 1,500,000Icon - Gold
Leggings of Blahzerhan Pants 5,500,000Icon - Gold
Stinky Fish Offhander 2,400,000Icon - Gold
Bloody Tourniquet Bracers 20,000Icon - Gold
Mark of the Hunter Trophies 1,750,000,000Icon - Gold

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