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Name Level RP Only

Name Type Price
Davy Jones' Tomahawk Musket Weapon 2,500Icon - Spice
Bane's Axe of Bleeding Weapon 10,000Icon - Spice
Deadly Hook Weapon 12,000Icon - Spice
Kilij Weapon 19,000Icon - Spice
T250's Valyrian Warhammer Weapon 25,000Icon - Spice
Stalagmus Weapon 50,000Icon - Spice
Blartok's Cudgel Weapon 35,000Icon - Spice
Strawzor Weapon 50,000Icon - Spice
Whirlwind Wand Weapon 33,333Icon - Spice
Godzilla Outfit Armour 20,000Icon - Spice
Big Bad Ass Spaulders Armour 7,000Icon - Spice
Armour of the Deep Armour 12,000Icon - Spice
Bane's Armour Armour 10,000Icon - Spice
Lone's Armor of Irrepressible Agility Armour 25,000Icon - Spice
Bokor Guayabera Armour 15,000Icon - Spice
Robe of Tinieblas Armour 30,000Icon - Spice
Troll Battle Armor Armour 45,000Icon - Spice
Major Mystic Shroud Edible 1,250Icon - Spice
Diablo's War Paint Edible 300Icon - Spice
Clarity Elixir Edible 800Icon - Spice
Vial of Lucidity Edible 500Icon - Spice
Custom HTML Name Edible 25,000Icon - Spice
30 Day RP Pack Edible 500Icon - Spice
60 Day RP Pack Edible 1,000Icon - Spice
90 Day RP Pack Edible 1,500Icon - Spice
Custom PNG Name Edible 50,000Icon - Spice
Custom GIF Name Edible 75,000Icon - Spice
HTML to PNG Edible 25,000Icon - Spice
PNG to GIF Edible 25,000Icon - Spice
Elixir of Supreme Resistance Edible 800Icon - Spice
Bane's Fury Edible 1,500Icon - Spice
Rainbow Roll Edible 950Icon - Spice
Grandidierite Other 2,400Icon - Spice
Big Al's Battering Ram Other 21,000Icon - Spice
Johnny's Pebble of Destruction Other 7,500Icon - Spice
Johnny's Pebble of Resilience Other 7,500Icon - Spice
Nautical Helm of the Kraken Other 16,000Icon - Spice
Kraken Figurehead Other 24,000Icon - Spice
Black Sails Other 35,000Icon - Spice
Lucky Carcass Other 15,000Icon - Spice
Undead Captain's Hat Hat 4,250Icon - Spice
King Captain Hat Hat 20,000Icon - Spice
Three Skulls Hat Hat 4,000Icon - Spice
The BadCat's Hat Hat 6,750Icon - Spice
Helm of the Deep Hat 12,000Icon - Spice
Pirate Training Helmet Hat 30,000Icon - Spice
Bane's Brocas Helm Hat 28,000Icon - Spice
Undees Pants 13,500Icon - Spice
Bane's Leg Armor Pants 10,000Icon - Spice
Greaves of the Deep Pants 12,000Icon - Spice
The Despicable Dirty Drawer Pants 18,000Icon - Spice
Pope's Premature Pantaloons Pants 18,000Icon - Spice
Leggings of the Kraken Pants 28,000Icon - Spice
Chthonic Breeches Pants 36,000Icon - Spice
Beefheart's Boomstick Offhander 3,750Icon - Spice
Grenados Offhander 2,000Icon - Spice
Caltrops Offhander 2,000Icon - Spice
Dagger of the Arena Offhander 2,500Icon - Spice
Scottish Grappling Hook Offhander 10,000Icon - Spice
Sgian-achlais Offhander 10,000Icon - Spice
Mordred's Mace Offhander 30,000Icon - Spice
Andrek's Anchorshield Offhander 20,000Icon - Spice
Captain Skeet's Earrings Accessory 3,750Icon - Spice
Dumdristig's Perseverence Accessory 20,000Icon - Spice
Wicked Hand Cannon Accessory 4,000Icon - Spice
Immeasurable Pouch Accessory 5,000Icon - Spice
Guardian's Ruling Amulet Accessory 8,000Icon - Spice
Lucky Eye Patch Accessory 13,000Icon - Spice
Paulie Accessory 25,000Icon - Spice
Orb of Inciendas Accessory 30,000Icon - Spice
Nasty's Captains Log Sea Charm 1,250Icon - Spice
Sea Charm of the Deep Sea Charm 12,000Icon - Spice
Cannibalistic Totem Sea Charm 35,000Icon - Spice
Cars Iron Curtains Sea Charm 22,000Icon - Spice
Wang-Tei Tome of Solemus Sea Charm 32,000Icon - Spice
Morgans Sandals Boots 1,750Icon - Spice
Boots of the Deep Boots 12,000Icon - Spice
Lone's Warmongering Sabatons Boots 16,000Icon - Spice
Grandmother's Clogs Boots 32,000Icon - Spice
The Admiral's Serf-Stompers Boots 25,000Icon - Spice
Triple Ring Bracers Bracers 4,000Icon - Spice
Triple Pronged Bracers Bracers 4,000Icon - Spice
Bracers of the Deep Bracers 12,000Icon - Spice
Dead Man's Bracers Bracers 16,000Icon - Spice
Damescene Bracelet Bracers 26,000Icon - Spice
Balastruse Bracers Bracers 34,000Icon - Spice
Heirophant Compass Trophy 50,000Icon - Spice
Yellow's Snow Trail Trophy 14,000Icon - Spice
Stone Snake Artifact Trophy 5,000Icon - Spice

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