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Name Level RP Only
Swervin 1-3550
A Fishy Stew 1-3550

Name Type Price
Enchanted Cloak Armour 650,000Icon - Gold
Wooden Shield Armour 680,000Icon - Gold
The Scurvy Hat Hat 280,000Icon - Gold
Elegant Captain's Hat Hat 6,700,000Icon - Gold
Scurvy Pantaloons Pants 250,000Icon - Gold
Sexy Skirt of the Seas Pants 320,000Icon - Gold
Well Stiched Pants Pants 1,500,000Icon - Gold
Leggings of Blahzerhan Pants 5,500,000Icon - Gold
Peg-leg Pants 7,500,000Icon - Gold
The Nasty Parrot Offhander 200,000Icon - Gold
A Pocket Compass Sea Charm 500,000Icon - Gold
Leather Boots Boots 10,000,000Icon - Gold
Tall Boots Boots 20,000,000Icon - Gold
Jolly Jane Boots Boots 65,000,000Icon - Gold
Hand Cuffs Bracers 80,000Icon - Gold
Polished Steel Trophies 5,000,000Icon - Gold
Grand Warlord Relic Trophies 1,250,000,000Icon - Gold

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