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Name Level RP Only
A Meal fit for a Pirate! 500-3550
Gotta Love Grog! 500-3550
Deeproot Necessities 500-3550
The Plague-bringer 1200-3550 Yes
The Apothecary 1200-3550 Yes
The Pathfinder 1200-3550 Yes
The Malicious 1200-3550 Yes
The Insatiable 1200-3550 Yes
The Pacifist 1200-3550 Yes

Name Type Price
Creme de Menthe Other 64,000Icon - Gold
Fruit Mash Other 125,000Icon - Gold
Grape Juice Other 125,000Icon - Gold
Lime Extract Other 125,000Icon - Gold
Papaya Juice Other 125,000Icon - Gold
Lemon Mash Other 125,000Icon - Gold
Wheat Other 250,000Icon - Gold
Egg Other 250,000Icon - Gold
Bear Meat Other 250,000Icon - Gold
Cup of Water Other 250,000Icon - Gold
Wine Yeast Other 435,000Icon - Gold
Gomme Syrup Other 540,000Icon - Gold
Paste Other 550,000Icon - Gold
Flour Other 550,000Icon - Gold
Vegetables Mash Other 675,000Icon - Gold
Red Wine Other 1,105,000Icon - Gold
Lillet Other 2,000,000Icon - Gold
Magnum Other 2,330,000Icon - Gold
Yellow Chartreuse Other 2,350,000Icon - Gold
Dark Malt Other 3,100,000Icon - Gold
Rusty Tinderbox Other 6,000,000Icon - Gold
Royal Tinderbox Other 45,000,000Icon - Gold
Waterproof Match Other 142,500,000Icon - Gold

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