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Name Level RP Only
Bruiser 1-3550
Extermination 75-3550 Yes
Bruiser's Task 1-3550 Yes

Name Type Price
Captain's Sabre Weapon 1,900,000Icon - Gold
Captains Scimitar Weapon 2,100,000Icon - Gold
Bronze Shield Armour 920,000Icon - Gold
Vermin's Violet Vestments Armour 5,000,000Icon - Gold
Coat of Indecency Armour 6,000,000Icon - Gold
Iron Plate Armour Armour 8,500,000Icon - Gold
Flash Pants Pants 10,000,000Icon - Gold
Black Bart's Black Book Offhander 500,000Icon - Gold
Morgan's Long Nine Offhander 1,750,000Icon - Gold
Gyro Arm Offhander 40,000,000Icon - Gold
Spyglass Sea Charm 50,000,000Icon - Gold
Polished Bronze Trophies 10,000,000Icon - Gold

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