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Nerve: Exp Gain: Money Gain: Exp/Nerve: Money/Nerve:
2 120 220Icon - Gold 40 73Icon - Gold
Success Text:
You see a whore stumble out of the Inn as shes counting her coins with her one legged escort. You sneak up behind them, trip the scurvy bastard and break off his wooden leg. He reaches for his pistol but you kick him in the face knocking him unconscious. The wench was about to scream but you silenced her with a blow to the head with your bloody peg leg and run off with her coin.
Fail Text:
You see a whore stumble out of the Inn with her coin in hand. You start to sneak up behind her but your belt breaks loose, your pants fall around your ankles and you trip over yourself falling flat on your face in a pile of fresh horse droppings. By the time you collect yourself the wench is nowhere to be found.

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